Trip and Scuba Gear Rental Prices

Our scuba dive charter prices are based on the distance traveled to the dive sites. Thetypical 2 tank trip to most of ourartificialreefs, natural ledges and wrecks costs $80. These arein depths40-60ft.

Dive Charter Rates

Dive Trip


2 Tank Dive Trip- 40-60 ft


2 Tank Dive Trip- Sheridan and Blackthorn Wrecks(Advanced Cert. Required) Nitrox Certification Recomended. Diver must have own computer or time keeping device for this trip.


"Bubble Watcher" - Non-Diver goingalong for boat ride


* Rates above do not include air/nitrox tank rental or any other equipment rental.

Need tanks or other scuba equipment for your dive trip with us?Tanks-A-Lot Dive Charters has scuba gear for rental to meet your diving needs.

Rental Price List



Air $10.00
Nitrox $15.00
Rental Packages

Basic Rental Package -includesTanks,BC, Reg, Wetsuit


Full Gear Rental Package -includes above itemsplus Mask, Fins, Booties


Individual Items


Regulator $15.00
WetSuit $15.00
Hood/Hooded Vest $5.00
Mask $5.00
Fins $5.00
Booties $5.00
Weight Belt $5.00

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