Reef Monitoring

Local Offshore Reef Monitoring Program

As part of an effort to help protect our local reefs and dive sites, Dr. Heyward Mathews in conjunction with St. Petersburg College and Mac's Sports is conducting a fish counting program with the objective to collect scientific data on our local artificial and natural reefs. This collection of data will help to assess the current health of our local reefs by getting a base-line reading. This data is critical in assessing how much of our inshore waters have these vital reef communities and what their populations are.

In order for a volunteer to conduct a fish count survey as part of this effort, you should attend training sessions at Mac's and will need to obtain a set of collecting gear from Mac's before your fish counting dive trip. Please refer to the Reef Monitoring website for more information.

To help assist this effort, Tanks-A-Lot Dive Charters will provide free air tanks or $10 off our dive trips for anyone conducting the fish count survey while diving with us. Please make sure you:

  1. Obtain the Reef Monitoring collecting gear from Mac's prior to your trip.

  2. Inform Tanks-A-Lot that you plan on conducting the survey on your dive trip with us.

  3. Confirm that the Tanks-A-Lot dive trip that you booked is going to appropriate dive sites to conduct the survey. This will need to be conducted on our shallower and more inshore dive sites.

Let's all help to protect our local reefs!

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