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Covid-19 Update

Thank you for your interest in diving or fishing with us.

We have implemented new guidelines and precautions related to COVID-19 in compliance with current CDC and DAN guidelines. We advise anyone who is concerned about becoming ill with COVID-19 avoid booking a trip as these procedures cannot guarantee 100% effective at blocking the transmission of this virus. All clients will be sent a COVID-19 waiver a few days prior to actual charter date and be asked to provide a completed copy the morning prior to departure.

Crew & Clients: We are recommending our clients wear face shields, but we are not going to force anyone to wear them. We will continue to supply bottled water in our cooler but encourage each client bring a small cooler of their own if that makes them feel more comfortable. Upon check in, sterilized waiver clipboards and pens will be presented as spread out as feasible in our gear prep area. Any client who is running a fever, appears sick and/or coughing will be turned away.

Fleet: Our bookings are at reduced capacity to allow for spacing everyone out 6 feet apart as best possible. Shared or split fishing charters will not be offered at this time. Before and after each trip, our boats are sprayed down with a bleach and water mixture and all gear is sprayed with a DAN and CDC approved disinfectant.

Gear: If you are renting gear from us and would like to see it cleaned before your trip, please arrive a few minutes earlier so that the boats can depart on time.

During a Charter: Crew cannot help change over dive gear nor will there be a mask bucket or a communal camera bucket used at this time.

As we run more trips, these guidelines are likely to evolve to the continued benefit and safety of our clients and crew. We would like to emphasize again, there is only so much of the boating experience which can be controlled, so please defer booking should this make you uneasy.

Your continued patronage and flexibility is very much appreciated. We look forward to taking you out with us.